Detective Horse is the result of my biting off more than i could chew for Mini Jam 115: Noir: an attempt to draw, animate, and write a point-and-click graphical adventure game in less than 72 hours.

I liked much more the noir style of the jam’s theme than its required limitation, Everything is Temporary, and you won’t see much “temporary things”, but i could not let the opportunity of developing a simple black-and-white, film noir adventure game pass. Of course, i one can argue that, since this is a game, once the browser is closed, everything will be lost, thus “temporary”. There, limitation satisfied!

Unfortunately, 72 hours are not enough for such an ambitious project, and i ended up with a very, very short game that does not even have a proper story. Also, i am afraid that my sense of humor is very bad, so forgive me for the crude jokes.

As always, thank you a lot for playing!


The whole game is played with the primary mouse button, the left one by default. It should work with a touchscreen too, but i have not tested it.

Click anywhere on the screen to advance the dialog. It will show a notice when the conversation is over, and then you can point-and-click at objects. The pointer will change whenever the mouse is hovering anything that can be clicked. Sometimes it can be a small object.






Haxe source code 1 MB


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Mouhaha, this is the best way to bounce back from not having had time to finish a jam game that I've ever seen :D Thanks for the laugh!