A small orbit simulation game made for Mini Jam 107: Music².

The idea is to try to create music by adding planets that cross the middle vertical line in the right position, where each segment is a different note.  You can not directly move the planets, but have to create suns whose gravity fields affect the planets’ orbit; planets do not affect one another here.

Warning: This game was made in less than 48 hours, contains bugs, and should be considered more a prototype than a fully-developed game.


  • Drag with the left mouse button to create a new planet and give it an initial velocity.
  • Drag with the right mouse button to add a new sun with a mass.
  • Middle click on a sun to remove it.
  • Mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Press the escape key while dragging with either button to cancel.
  • R to remove all suns and planets, and start again.


Haxe source code 21 kB


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Very cool idea, and I like the tone chosen. It's pretty difficult to make any stable orbits or systems after adding any new stars. I end up tossing my planets off screen constantly.

Yes, stable orbits are very difficult to create, unfortunately. Maybe it would be better if i had added a kind of “lock” when previewing the planet’s path and the system can predict a good vector. Alas, did not even think of it at the time.

Thanks a lot for playing.

quite relaxing like the graphics as well

Thank you ^_^

This fun to play with and the sounds were relaxing. Really cool :)

Thank you for playing :)