A small company management made for Mini Jam 110: Sacrifice.

Warning: I had ten hours or so to make this game. It is hopelessly unbalanced and there are a lot of annoyances in handling the cards. It is barely a game.

You are in charge of managing a company. There are production lines that should be manned by workers. Just drag one blue helmet on a robot arm to start production and earn money.

Nothing is perfect and sometimes someone will spill oil on the ground that should be clean up. When a pipe brakes and gas starts leaking, maintenance should be notified. Again, drag and drop the corresponding card (bucket of water, or wrench and screwdriver) to the incident card that pops up on the screen. Otherwise, production will slow down.

From time to time, you will receive the visit of a big boss. He demands a piece of cake or he will not go away. He is the boss; what else would he do? If you do not have enough money to buy more cake, then sacrifice a worker or two — drag them to the black card on the lower-left corner.

Music: Sad Day by bensound.com.


Haxe source code 2 MB

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