This is the story of an old lighthouse keeper that receives the most unexpected visitors during the night. Fortunately, he has the support of his lovely wife to keep the worst feelings away.

This is my entry for the Narrative Driven Jam #10. The theme this time was Long Nights.

Being around Halloween and all, when i saw the theme my first idea was to have a character that by mistake boards a train that transports the souls of deceased people to their final destination, or something of the sort. However, i realized that the theme was Long Nights, plural, and my idea only was for a single night.

While thinking who may spend long night after night awake, i realized that, by chance, two days before i was plotting the story of a lighthouse keeper, but i completely forgotten it by the time the jam started. Well, with just a couple of changes i transformed that story to something more Halloween-esque.

For this jam i decided to go for a “pencil style”, thinking that it would be somehow easier. What a mistake that was! I realized that not only it is a harder style than the clean graphics that i get from vector files, but i had less experience with Krita and that took a good chunk of my time.

Speaking of time, as always, i had to reduce the scope, and evidently quality, of the story and graphics to be able to submit it within the jam’s period. Not that it would be of any greater quality if i had all the time of the world, but at least i would not have such an expository ending—maybe.

I hope you enjoy it.


Everything is done with the mouse or a touch screen. To continue with the dialog just click or tap, and when you can interact with objects the game will tell you.






Haxe source code 11 MB

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